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WFMZ 69 News Improves Its Privacy Practices

When I was first starting out as a reporter for Channel 69, I was concerned about the privacy practices that I would face. I had no idea that WFMZ would make me worry about my privacy, but that was until I started working with Altitude Marketing, who had recently remodeled Wentz Hardware. Today, I feel much better about 69 News’s privacy practices. Read on to learn more. You may be surprised by the changes.

Channel 69

WFMZ 69 News is a local station in central Pennsylvania. Located at Virtual CH 69, this station provides local news, traffic, and sports updates. The channel has a website as well, where viewers can learn more about a particular story or view video footage from recent events. While most viewers tune in to watch the news, you may also want to subscribe to the channel’s website, which includes several articles and community forums.

Besides bringing you local news and information, Channel 69 News also presents top-of-the-line weather coverage. The team of meteorologists at WFMZ 69 News includes Kathy Craine, Matt Broderick, Dan Skeldon, Drew Anderson, and Clayton Stiver. Their experience and expertise helps them provide the most accurate weather news to the Allentown, PA, area. These meteorologists use state-of-the-art tools to create accurate forecasts and keep viewers informed on current events.

The 69 News Allentown Team provides 46.5 hours of local news each week. They cover all areas of southeastern Pennsylvania, including Allentown. Their afternoon and evening anchors focus on the Reading suburbs and Berks County neighborhoods. The evening newscasts cover breaking news in the surrounding area. Moreover, their traffic reports are accurate. The 69 News team works in partnership with WDPN TV CH 2, a MeTV affiliate.

To stay updated on current events and news from your favorite TV station, download the 69 WFMZ Live App. It allows you to stream 69 News and other WFMZ-TV programs. Besides live broadcasts, the app also offers on-demand content and local weather reports. Hence, you can watch your favorite news station on your Apple TV or Roku. All you have to do is download the app and enjoy the show.

As a local television station, WFMZ carries the latest news and information from the Lehigh Valley. The station is owned by Maranatha Broadcasting Company, and its studios are located at East Rock Road, South Mountain in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The station has multiple affiliates and is part of the NBC Community Newspaper Holdings network. It is possible to watch 69 News live on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and on its official website.

Broad St. parklet

Last year, the city of Bethlehem solicited applications for its pilot Broad Street parklet project, which cost at least $2,000 to build. The students will take turns collecting data on the space from passersby and gathering feedback. They will be tasked with determining how to make the parklet more inviting for pedestrians. Among their findings: the parklet needs more parking. However, Bethlehem is not the only community that has an interest in parklets.

The new group took over the project during the fall of 2017 and developed the final design for a parklet that will be permanent and installed in a metered parking space. This group of students also consulted the City of Bethlehem and the Bethlehem Parking Authority, which helped to secure a location for the parklet. The new parklets use higher quality materials and include semi-permanent features like greenery and lighting.

The guidelines provide a checklist for applicants to follow. The City will review the completed application and require an indemnity agreement. This agreement must be recorded against the property title. If the parklet is approved, additional documents will need to be submitted. Applicants should also consider the location of the parklet before applying. There are several restrictions for parklets, such as the number of visitors per day. The guidelines also state that applicants must indicate a maintenance plan for the parklet and what special needs they anticipate.

Permittees are required to dispose of trash and other waste matter appropriately. They agree to remove all debris and property from the Parklet location, as well as clean up the area. The Permittee must ensure that the Parklet does not encroach on the sidewalk and is not blocked by any vehicles. If the Parklet is removed, the Permittee is responsible for cleaning up and restoring the area.

Joe’s Tavern has agreed to be the summer-long partner for the Broad St. parklet. This partnership was first discussed last year, but Joe’s Tavern already expressed interest. In return, they will be responsible for the parking space, legal fees, insurance, and any costs associated with adjusting the liquor license. They are also encouraged to supply appropriate furniture for the parklet. If they do not provide such furniture, the City may consider adding it to the parklet’s programming.

Altitude Marketing renovated former Wentz Hardware

After 15 years in business, Emmaus-based Altitude Marketing is expanding its operations, renovating a former hardware store into a modern collaborative workspace. The company recently hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony in its renovated building, which is located at 225 Main St. In addition to attracting more customers, the newly remodeled building also offers ample parking and rental income from two apartment units above the office space. The renovations were completed by Jerdon Construction, a contractor in Upper Macungie Township. The business was financed by Embassy Bank of Lehigh Valley.

The store was a local institution for 75 years. While it may not have been a household name, the store had a reputation as a one-stop shop for many Emmaus residents. The store’s former owners, Hope and Faith Kazmierski, always made sure that customers were satisfied. Even if customers didn’t know the name of an item, the store staff was ready to help. Tim Kazmierski, the grandson of George Wentz, said he was proud to see the building transformed into a modern marketing company.

Privacy practices of 69News mobile application

WFMZ-TV 69News recently announced the release of a full-featured weather app for the iPhone and iPad. The privacy policies of MARANATHA BROADCASTING COMPANY, INC. are outlined below. WFMZ-TV 69News collects user information for advertising and content purposes. The terms of service and privacy policies also outline what information the station may collect about its users.

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