6 Reasons Why Teacher Education Program is Crucial

Rapid, efficient, and accurate assessment tools are an additional component of improving the modern pedagogy of online learning. Primary teacher training courses and assessments are crucial for India’s innovative and robust schooling.

The Covid-19 epidemic has caused havoc in the world of education globally and locally. Many believe that the shift to the use of technology in education has provide numerous opportunities. Brought equality to the school’s playing field that was previously divided based on geography, accessibility to technology, high-quality faculty and academics, and many more.

Beyond the shift that is taking place, ed-tech is slowly developing the educational scenario. Government policies and guidelines continue strengthening the top quality in this Indian education system.

The introduction of the New Education Policy, curriculum modifications, and increased attention and funding for the development of Preschool teacher training using technology and assessments is an exciting new wave of innovation that will propel the bright future of Indian Education.

However, this digital transformation is a dynamic process that has occur at an unprecedent time. An enormous amount of money and time is being spend to find the best solutions.

Alongside introducing students to the new method of learning, there’s an enormous effort devoted to teacher training and experimenting with the most effective and innovative online assessment tools for public and private schools.

The extensive teacher training modules allow and prepare teachers to meet their technological obstacles.

The proper technical knowledge provides enough opportunities for educators to move into auto-pilot mode and to thrive by utilizing innovative online teaching techniques to increase student engagement and comprehension of subjects, the challenge they set at the start of their journey to transition.

Practical, precise, and quick assessment tools are different components of improving the online pedagogy of the future.

Most Indian public and private schools know the importance of a well-planned and well-designed educator education and assessment program.

Further research on its importance demonstrates its importance and need as outlined below

1 . To be able to comprehend and apply technology efficiently

Generation Z and the Gen Z and millennial generation have thrived off technology. However, that isn’t the case for traditional school teachers. The main strength of teachers in India is offline learning, supported by an excellent offline infrastructure. Therefore, training on the use of online resources and methodologies is essential.

From understanding the fundamentals of an ed-tech interface. knowing the importance of its power, capabilities, and benefits of it in the larger educational ecosystem is essential. Thorough knowledge of the technologies that will determine how education will evolve helps teachers use it effectively and develop a thriving online learning environment.

2. Continuous professional development

Continuous Professional Development allows teachers to be update with the latest teaching and skill development methods and techniques to assess students’ learning, academic growth, and more. CPD helps the teaching staff to keep and enhance their expertise and provide an improved learning experience for the students.

CPD can also help teachers to keep track of and revise their assessment and teaching methods and permits them to study the most recent and advanced techniques from an academic standpoint and also for other processes such as webinars, extracurricular modules, and other events, as well as workshops for developing skills, etc.

3. Informing the current generation about the future

After becoming familiar with the essential aspects of technology and understanding the processes. It is crucial to pass on the same information to students to get an appropriate direction for the right learning path. The teacher training programs must cover essential topics that will aid in the development of students, not only from an academic standpoint but also from a technology standpoint.

4. Create a positive, technology-friendly learning environment

Introducing technology to teachers helps them understand its benefits and allows them to discover more strategies for innovative teaching. Explore various possibilities for education.

It creates a positive learning atmosphere that allows teachers to motivate students to further develop their skills in technologically-driven learning. A positive learning environment will ensure improved performance for students and teachers alike.

5.Aiding in academic improvement and the development of skills

Practical assessment tools can ease the burden on educators. Assessment tools can provide a powerful aid in saving time and effort and provide timely and reliable analysis. It improves the academic performance of a student and the development of their skills.

6 . Social norms that are being re in the areas of low development

When it comes to training programs to prepare for the future. Social improvement is a factor that should not be let out. Teachers, as well as technical and academic experts, should be educate on the importance of education.

Teacher training programs that do offer more than primary education but also raise awareness about contemporary issues. Such as the importance of teaching girls to read and women’s empowerment. Understanding of the need to eliminate casteism, equality of rights for all. More will be the basis for an improved and prosperous India.

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