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5 Things To Remember When Choosing Modern Aluminium Sliding Windows & Doors

Windows and doors give a structure to a building other than enhancing its curb appeal and allowing better ventilation. There are a lot of purposes fulfilled by fenestration products, and finding the ideal material can be a little tricky. However, one of the materials that can offer you a plethora of benefits is aluminum. Being corrosion-resistant, lightweight, sturdy, reliable, eco-friendly, and malleable makes it a much-coveted choice for both homeowners and architects. So, once you have zeroed in on the material, you need to shift your focus to another significant aspect that will help you pick the right doors and windows for your space. Here are a few factors that you should consider in order to make a prudent choice: 


The use of advanced technology in the manufacturing process of housing products can increase accessibility, improve performance, and enhance durability. For instance, one of the leading fenestration product manufacturers, TOSTEM India, uses advanced Japanese technology. This guarantees industry-tested door performance across all weather conditions. Also, windows and doors manufactured using this technology also ensure high volume manufacturing, excellence of design, and cost control from ingot to fabricated window. Moreover, these windows are designed to avoid air and water ingress, which is a must, especially in India’s weather conditions. 


The kind of service offered by the manufacturer also plays a significant role in enhancing the overall experience. Thus, one should be sure that they pick a reliable company that offers end-to-end service. Right from selecting the aluminum window or door design to installing the product in your home, the entire process can be pretty tedious. Thus, one should pick a company that follows the batch production process. For instance, TOSTEM India ensures fabrication and assembly are done partly at the factory and partly at the site. With this, the quality and performance of the product are not compromised. 

Personalization Options 

To ensure that your aluminum sliding doors and windows genuinely match your home décor and architecture, you need to personalize quite a few things, including their design, size, color, frame shape, and glass opacity. You might have already envisioned your dream home and would thus have an image of your ideal aluminum windows and doors as well. This is the time that you can make that dream come true by customizing your fenestration products and keeping all those minute details in mind. And since aluminum is already a flexible and pliable metal, achieving the perfect design would not be an issue. 

Safety and Security

Security is another major factor that one must consider while picking magento development houston and doors. Although aluminum is sturdy and reliable metal, it is still essential to ensure that you choose a top-rated fenestration product manufacturer that offers reliable products with advanced locking mechanisms. For instance, windows and doors provided by TOSTEM India pass some of the significant standards of testing like ASTM (American Standards for Testing and Materials) and BS (British standards). Also, their aluminum sliding doors and windows come equipped with a crescent locking mechanism for superior safety and security. 


While safety and aesthetic appeal are important factors to consider, one should also ensure that their fenestration products are high-performing. The durability of housing products also influences the architect’s vision. With sturdy doors and windows, you can give a whole new look and feel to the exterior and interior of the space while also ensuring utmost comfort. Not to mention, this will also impact the level of energy efficiency you are able to achieve. While aluminum is a robust material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, you should also opt for double or triple glazing, which will further enhance the sturdiness of the product and will considerably increase energy efficiency. 


Aluminum is an excellent material to consider while installing windows and doors. With a number of features like being eco-friendly, wind-resistant, watertight, corrosion-resistant, and fire-proof, it is a material that can serve all your purposes. However, it is also essential to ensure that you keep certain other factors into consideration as well as to pick the ideal windows and doors for your space. We hope that the above-mentioned factors will help you choose the ones that tick all the right boxes and fits all your requirements perfectly. 

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