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5 Reasons to Get Fruit Delivered to Your Workplace

Have you ever thought about how great your decision is going to be if you opted for fruit delivery to your workplace? There surely are a ton of benefits, but some of them might have a bigger impact than you know!  You will get to save on office supplies! If you want to be active, you need a healthy body and mind. This means that you will also need to have healthy food in your diet as well! Have fruit delivery every so often and keep your body off the gym steps all the time. In order to have a healthy, fit body,

Benefitting their Health, Benefitting the Business.

Are not your employees going to love and appreciate the fact that you offer them, of all things, healthy fresh fruits to snack on? Employees spend 5 days a week at work, and they are hardly going to have the chance or the time to snack on a variety of fresh fruit. Healthy Snacks are Not Enough – Healthy snacks should be the foundation of a healthy diet plan, not just a supplement that is meant to make it easier for them to survive the day. A good diet plan is based upon foods that have staying power and can be tailored by the individual to his or her liking.

By getting a fresh basket of fruits delivered to your workplace and thereby giving your employees to enjoy the goodness is almost as though you are compensating for what they cannot enjoy and manage to do themselves. This also means that employees as well as potential employees are going to choose your company and be keen to work with you where they will feel cared for, and where good things are encouraged. While fruit is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and good fats such as Omega 3, you can also make use of bananas and strawberries in order to have a healthy breakfast. A healthy meal plan with fruits such as carrots and raw beetroot will help your team members and clients feel more energetic.

Promoting Healthy Choices

As mentioned above, by offering and promoting healthy diets and lifestyles in the workplace. Employees are often given the feeling that they are genuinely valued. Additionally, these practices may impact individual personalities and promote self-improvement, too.  A recent example of an anti-smoking campaign is the fact that Dunkin’ Donuts offers a “No Smoking” policy at every store. Although many companies have adopted a similar policy, no data exists to support that this reduction in workplace smoking is itself a positive benefit for workers.

For instance, an individual becomes encouraged to break his habits like snacking on junk food or binge eating and to adopt healthier choices and habits instead. In other words, little things in the workplace can help transform an individual.  There’s a great story by Betsy Bezos about one of her employees who finally took steps to lose weight. He was a small man who worked in marketing. He had a very active and busy lifestyle but lacked the discipline to keep himself under control at home and at work.

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Business Recognition

As described above, the fact that fruit is made available at your workplace and serving fruit to employees are all indicators of a responsible employer/company. By offering little things like this. You become recognized as an employer that feels responsible and cares for the well-being of your employees. This sort of recognition plays a crucial role in growing and succeeding and achieving business goals. This is a good thing! Everyone deserves to work for an employer that cares about the well-being of its employees. And when your company offers these little things to its employees, you are setting yourself up for success long term.


You never know, some or most of your employees may have been wishing there was a way they could get their daily dose of vitamins from a bowl of fresh fruit! By opting for an office fruit delivery service, and serving fruit to your employees on a regular basis. You probably have fulfilled their secret wishes. Convenience is everything everyone wants in the workplace. They can have their serving of fresh fruit at their fingertips, there’s probably nothing better they can ask for!

Creating Healthy Individuals

When you know that all of your employees are eating healthy. They are getting the nutrition and hydration they need. You are ensuring that they are actually trying to be as healthy as they can, even in the smallest possible way. Snacking on fruit will load an individual with vitamins and antioxidants, which also help improve immunity and boost energy levels. Some fruits offer loads of hydration, too. This shows that the bowl of fruit you offer your employees can impact their health and bodies in quite a big way. This means they aren’t missing out on some essentials just because they are away from their homes throughout the day! 

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