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4 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During PTE Exam Preparations

The PTE exam is widely popular across the globe. This test is accepted in many universities across English-speaking countries. The test has gained significant prominence among students in recent years. If you are aiming to get a good score in this exam it is crucial to avoid some common blunders. These blunders can make it hard for you to attain a good score. Therefore read this article carefully to know about those mistakes and how you can avoid them.

There is no doubt in the fact that we all have the tendency to make mistakes. Many students are in a storm of confusion as to why, despite their best efforts, they got a lower score in the test. It is because of the mistakes they make.  You can deliberately avoid making some of the most typical PTE blunders by being aware of them. If you want to seek guidance from top experts regarding the PTE exam then join the best PTE coaching in Jalandhar

Now Keep Reading This Article to Know the Common Mistakes Students Make in the 4 Modules of the Pte Exam- 

During the Reading Task 

In the PTE Academic reading component, students need to reorder paragraphs chosen from the given text. They have to drag some sentences from one panel on the screen to another panel where they are displayed in the proper order. The main purpose of this component of the reading module is to check how effectively students can comprehend the structure of English-language written material. But a lot of individuals have trouble with this. They ignore linguistic hints like linking words or phrases that begin with an introduction clause. All of these factors enable texts to follow a logical structure. If you don’t have knowledge about clauses or linking words it can be a herculean task to reorder sentences correctly

If students become aware of linking words, opening and closing statements, and how to express thoughts or instances in English it will surely help them to avoid making this error. They might enroll in-class exercises where students practice rearranging paragraphs. For instance:

  • Bring in a few news items, blog postings, or brief academic texts
  • Divide it into several paragraphs with the order changed.
  •  Now make an attempt to rearrange the paragraphs.
  • Once finished, read the rearranged text aloud and understand their reasoning, focusing on the language cues.

So follow these steps to get good scores in the PTE exam. 

During the Listening Task

The students need to summarise a spoken text for one of the PTE  listening exercises. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate if the students possess the ability to comprehend and paraphrase a lecture’s essential points. Students may take notes while listening to an audio recording. After that, they have ten minutes to summarise the audio in 50–70 words. Furthermore, they will be given scores for this task depending on the quality of their writing as well as how well they summarise the main ideas from the lecture. However, many students simply replicate the audio word for word. So, this demonstrates that they have heard and comprehended the audio’s words. However, it doesn’t demonstrate their capacity for summarization in their own words. 

The lack of originality can be a reason for the deduction of marks for the PTE exam.  Candidates need to practice adequately for this exercise so that they can receive a high score on the PTE exam. Therefore try doing the following in order to practice this exercise effectively-Pick a brief video to view, like a Ted Talk. Play it twice if it’s only a few minutes long to help the audience comprehend the concepts.  Now you should take notes and summarise the main aspects of the film while working in pairs. Try  incorporating the newest words and synonyms into your writing

During the Writing Task

There are two PTE writing tasks to finish. The candidates’ essay-writing abilities are checked as they create a brief, persuasive or argumentative article. Students will be provided with a brief written prompt asking them to agree or disagree, provide their opinion, or make a comment on a predicament or issue. They have 20 minutes to write between 200 and 300 words. Now students make many mistakes in this module. Firstly many of them end up writing above the word limit for the PTE exam. This is a big no. You need to strictly maintain the word count. Otherwise, be ready to face deduction in marks. Also not using a wide vocabulary, proper grammar, clauses, transition words, etc can reduce the quality of your article. So if you want a good score in PTE writing task work on these mistakes effectively. You can seek PTE online coaching to know the secret tips to do wonders in the exam. 

During the Speaking Task

Candidates have to describe a picture as part of one of the PTE Speaking tasks. The purpose of this activity is to determine how well students can describe what they observe in a graph, chart, map, table, or other visual representation. Students have just 25 seconds to consider what they will say while evaluating an image on the screen. They then have another 15 seconds to speak aloud while describing the picture. After 40 seconds, the microphone automatically shuts off. This implies that the task is over. Now students frequently make a mistake here by memorizing a response to a picture they have seen during exam preparation. This frequently indicates that they don’t accurately describe the picture in front of them. 

If they don’t feel comfortable with their vocabulary level, students may choose to do this. You should get comfortable describing a variety of photos to prevent making this error. You should record audio of yourself performing the task. Then play back your recording and note any vocabulary gaps as well as any areas where you may improve. This will surely help you prepare effectively for the PTE exam. Your chances to get a good score will boost significantly,

Wrapping It Up 

It can be challenging to prepare for the PTE exam, and mistakes are common. We all make errors, but you should make an effort to avoid repeating them. This article has discussed those typical errors PTE exam takers make. This will assist you in learning good performance and preparation techniques. We hope this article made you aware of the common blunders during PTE exam preparations. 

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