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4 Major Box Printing Mistakes to Avoid in Designing Cosmetics Packaging

Every detail, theme, pattern, and word matters when you design your cosmetics packaging. So, there is no way your box printing must be anything less than perfect. We present to you some common errors that can be rectified to make your packaging worth every effort put in.

For some cosmetic sellers, packaging comes at the last of the to-do list. Even if they don’t realize it, the branded boxes matter a lot more than they might think!

A recent market survey about consumer purchase habits and packaging concluded that 52% of buyers said that they were more likely to buy again from brands that offered premium packaging. Moreover, some brands notified a 30% enhancement in customer interest when packaging is created as a top priority.

But what is it that makes cosmetic packaging boxes good? You will have to think hard over what would work for your products, brand image, and buyers. Let us face it; there are more ways to go wrong with the box appeal than to go right.

On that note, let us have a look at custom printing factors that can make life complicated for cosmetic brands. In this article, we list four main errors to avoid when printing your packaging.

Mistake#1: Difficulty in apprehending

Being creative works for the cosmetic branded boxes but the underlying branding messages have to be clear and precise. If customers feel lost trying to get what your brand is trying to convey, they may lose interest and move on to the next option.

So many brands make the mistake of over-doing their packaging printing. It certainly misses the target of getting improved customer attention. For this primary reason, a significant number of new businesses are forced to quit within their first operating year.

Tip: You can swiftly avoid making this mistake. Just ensure that you keep your box details simple, elegant, and sharp. Customers must get the desired messages at the first glance. Graphics and creative colors immensely help to maximize your packaging appeal.

Mistake#2: Missing out on branding

Let us get a fact straight; the boxes are the best marketing platform at your disposal. When brands don’t utilize this space for branding, they miss out on creating a niche brand image. Moreover, they would have to ultimately use other expansive marketing spots that may squeeze profits.

Tip: place your distinct brand logo and name on the boxes as well as any other box component. You can seriously alter the customers’ perception regarding your brand by reflecting the brand appeal on the cosmetics packaging. Remember: brand identity leads to brand loyalty!

Mistake#3: Forgetting important content

Who you are as a brand? What do your products offer to customers? Your boxes must answer these and more customer concerns. Is your brand image fun and lively? Does it reflect professionalism? All these vibes create a memorable customer experience that translates into unshakable customer loyalty.

But what happens when you don’t put out the core brand values? Conveying a host of info to target customers generates the same results as repeated digital ads. Overlooking this custom box printing aspect is going to costs your brand potential sales growth.

Tip: create a mesmerizing brand aura with relevant product details and positive brand values. For instance, if your brand believes in sustainability, print this on the boxes for better brand repute.

Mistake#4: Ignoring your audience

Designing the box features in isolation and hoping that customers would agree with your packaging, has slim chances of success.

Are you selling to working individuals? Is your audience titled towards natural components? Where are your customers located? All these and more relevant questions must be answered and the boxes designed accordingly. Otherwise, customers may not pick your brand amongst the many better available options.

Tip: Stay true to your core customers. Carry out a short market survey to know what ticks with your consumers. They only spend a few moments deciding whether they want to stick with your brand or switch over.

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How to get going?

Now that you know what factors to look out for when custom printing your cosmetic boxes, you must be wondering how to start? Don’t stress! We have got you covered on this too.

Below is a step-by-step guide to give you a heads-up on creating the most on-point packaging.

Consult experts

Box manufacturers aren’t as expensive as you might think. Their expertise and extensive knowledge are going to have multiple ripple effects on brand popularity.

Getting their opinion and help on creating fool-proof packaging is a good way to eradicate errors beforehand. You can create sample custom printing on soft copies and finalize the best one.

Conduct a study on rival boxes

It often helps to know what your competitors are up to. You can know what the latest trends are in your consumer markets and what currently works with customers.

Being unique is certainly a plus but make sure that the box designs are contemporary and quirky yet accepted by buyers. A good way of doing this is to see what type of packaging is popular in the cosmetic industry.

Be prepared for customer dynamics

Customer tastes change by the minute. Your packaging must look updated all the time. Your brand must foresee upcoming seasonal changes like holidays, and events to alter the box appeal accordingly.

The same box appearance may not entice customers all the time. They look for a personalized box appeal that offers them more worth for every penny spent.

Reduce costs

A sure-shot way to boost profits is to manage marketing costs. Cosmetics boxes should be used for branding and marketing to fulfill brand promotions. This way, you would lower advertising costs by considerable margins.

Moreover, box printing detailed user manuals and shipping instructions is a good way to improve product functions and customer satisfaction. Product safety is crucial to reducing customer complaints and encouraging positive word of mouth.


All the above tips are going to help your cosmetic brand to become customers’ favorite and reap multiple marketing benefits.

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