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10 tips for successful thesis writing

You wouldn’t have thought this moment would come when you happily waved to the paper that hired you a few years ago! But here you are now, with a semester or two missed or spent abroad and quite a few successful exams behind you. Only he should see and write that particular thesis!

At first, it seems like there is still plenty of time, but suddenly you start losing weight! Writers and journalists jokingly say that the deadline is the best muse! But we don’t just engage in right-brain creative activities until we have to use the left brain; we also stand in line at the post office on the last day with the rational tax return or press the send button after uploading the data into a system on the verge of collapse due to overload. Our data.

What if we didn’t do this to ourselves?

If we could do our job comfortably, thoroughly, and with a good feeling? Instead of a chore, dissertation writing can be a creative activity in which we fulfil ourselves and create a work that we can be proud of later, that others can learn from, and that we will gladly show to our children and grandchildren.

Thesis writing tips

How do we achieve this?

1. Let’s choose a topic that interests us! Let’s choose a likeable consultant whose knowledge, professionalism and personality are exemplary for us!

2. Let’s collect reliable and relevant materials, research, and find a company or case that we can analyze.

3. Let’s make a plan, and divide the tasks in a transparent, SMART way – specific, measurable and controllable, achievable, topical and linked to the goal, with a deadline or a given time frame.

4. Let’s have a basic concept of what the basic question of our thesis is and where we want to go with it, i.e. what will be our answer and our expected conclusion.

5. Let’s prepare a logically structured outline summarizing the essence.

6. Let’s “fill in” the sketch points. Be consistent in following the schedule; depending on whether you are an owl or an early bird, always sit down to write simultaneously. Notice how it goes better if we don’t get up for half a day, or we can make better progress by including a little exercise and relaxation every hour. If you have a lot of “white sheet” syndrome, let’s start collecting texts based on CTRL V-CTRL C and transcribing them. It is best to look for someone in a foreign language because if we want to translate it into Hungarian, what will completely transform the text during the rewording? The Hungarian way of thinking and our own accumulated knowledge are also included!

7. If we comply with the above, we will have something to report to our consultant; we will not hide from him. We can also get tips from him during meetings or letters, and we can work more efficiently and joyfully if we know that we are on time.

8. Let’s review the finished material professionally with an acquaintance or schoolmate we trust. Let’s also find someone who doesn’t understand the topic – so the content doesn’t bother me while reading – but has a good sense of language and can weed out grammatical mistakes and Hungarian inaccuracies. If you wrote the thesis in a foreign language, then, of course, you have to find someone among the Erasmus students who know the language at a native level. Our language skills can improve greatly if we correct the thesis with him.

9. As a final touch, we send or bring the material to the specified location. Afterwards, we check that everything has arrived in the necessary form, that it has been accepted and confirmed, and that we have no more administrative work to do.

10. Let’s sit down in a cafe, order something, and promise ourselves that we will do all our due dates in this way because writing the thesis was such a great success that we want to feel so satisfied, smart, and great other time.

If we write our thesis with such a good heart, devotion and dedication, then defending it should not be a problem either; the committee will see that they will not meet the creator of a piece of work that has been scrapped together but someone who is professionally dedicated, who has priorities and goals in his life. And you will achieve them.

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